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The admissions process to medical school can seem complicated and overwhelming.  These resources, borrowed from UWSOM admissions, should help you to answer any questions you have regarding admissions and help you to improve your application.

Preparing to apply to Med School?

1. Volunteer: find something you are passionate about in your community, health care related or not and get involved.

2. Shadow a doctor:  Many students are intimidated by this point — where do you find a doctor you can shadow?  How do you approach them? Fortunately, this is actually one of the easiest experiences to set up!  Most doctors in the community are interested and even excited to mentor and teach pre-medical students. Start by asking your own doctor, or look up providers in the internet from other specialities that you might be interested in. When you find a doctor, email or call their office explaining who you are, and asking if they would be available for you to shadow them for a couple of days. Remember to take note while you are shadowing of questions you might have, challenging scenarios you observed, things you enjoyed, things you didn't enjoy - this stuff will come up in your medical interview, so it is important to reflect after each shadowing experience. 

3. Check out summer medical and dental programs

4. Get informed 

American Medical Association

New York Times, Health section

New England Journal of Medicine

NPR: Health section

Atul Gawande’s writings (many of which can be accessed for free here).

Search the internet for “health care news”

Books and Biographies of famous scientists and health professionals.

Currently Applying?

  1. Check out the UWSOM Applicant Checklist
  2. If you are in Seattle in the spring, attend a UWSOM information session (these fill up early so snag a spot now!  Info sessions from previous years are also accessible online here).

Interview Prep

Communication Skills

Ethical Issues in Medicine

Get connected with AFERM


AFERM offers mentorship to students at the University of Washington who are interested in a future in medicine - if you are interested in being paired with a medical student mentor, please follow this link to fill out a survey so that we can best match you to a medical student mentor. 


Mock Interviews

AFERM offers mock interviews to students who have been offered an interview at the UW School of Medicine and are underrepresented or disadvantaged based on their AMCAS application. Eligible students will receive an email from admissions on behalf of AFERM. 

Please contact us using the below message box with any additional questions. 

Resources for Applicants Invited to Interview

  • This website has great resources about how to prepare for your interview, straight from UW Admissions:

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